Best Adult Snow Sleds - Best Adult Snow Tubes

I have noticed that people have been searching my sled reviews page for what the "best adult snow sleds" and "best adult snow tubes" are. Well, being the webmaster of, I know first hand which adult sleds are the best sleds. Adult snow sleds will be more costly than cheapo kids snow sleds, but the quality of them makes each adult snow sled worth every single penny and will provide years and years of adult snow sledding fun. I will list them as follows:

Ranked #1 In my book the best adult sleds just happen to be quality snow tubes. The "44 and 54 inch Quality Snow Tubes" by Clear Creek. I ranked these #1 since adults needs a bit more cushion when sledding and these quality snow tubes provide that and they make for an awesome ride. Clear Creek makes the same commercial snow tubes that you see at Commercial Snow Tubing Parks. You can buy the adult quality snow tube here.

Ranked #2 in my book is the "Hammerhead Sled" by Hammerhead Sleds of Connecticut. This surpasses the old Flexible Flyer runner sled when it comes to looks by far and has great performance if you need a steerable adult snow sled. There is a new runner sled coming to the market in 2012/2013 that will probably tie this ranking and I will most likely also put it here in this ranking slot when it comes available. You can buy the Hammerhead Sled now in our online store here.

Ranked #3 in my book is the "32 inch Fiberglass adult saucer sled" by a quality fiberglass sled manufacturer in Illinois and worth EVERY PENNY. Previously offered to only family members for the last 25 years, this larger 32" saucer sled started being offered to the public in December 2012. This is NOT some cheapo plastic saucer sled like found at walmart. This is made of the same high quality material that ski boats are made of and comes in a large variety of sparkle colors. Basically an idestructable saucer sled that is jeweled like glitter and a super fast glossy bottom. This is by far the best spinner adult sled on the market for adults. You'll get more spinning time on this than even a snow tube and it won't break! A trip of a rid I must say!

Get one of these in a variety of colors in our store here.


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