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Our Favorite Seasonal Links

North Pole Times - Here is a really neat site that keeps kids updated everyday on everything happening at the North Pole. Stories begin on Thanksgiving and run through Christmas. It typically has about 80 new stories every year. There’s a number of other things too.

Hosting the Holidays - YUM, YUM and YUMMY Christmas Eats!

Pick Your Own Christmas Tree - Locate a Christmas tree farm in your area.

Amazing Sledding Pictures

A Dysfunctional Christmas - High Speed Users Only

Once Upon a Snow - Old sledding photos.

Best Christmas Light Display Ever! - High Speed Users Only

Ice Sculpture Accident - High Speed Users Only

Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides - A listing across North America.

Run, Run Rudolph! - A little page that I put together on a bored, but festive mood, Saturday at home.

Cool Inside Christmas Trains - This guy has some cool trains set up in his house for Christmas.

"Santa Claus Lives Here" Yard Sign - If you think of yourself as "Santa Claus", then stick one of these in your yard to let everyone in your neighborhood know! Now, if you think of yourself as a Scrooge, then the sign for you can be found by clicking here.

Portland Drivers in the Snow - Don't you think that the roads are just a bit icy? I love this video! TAKE YOUR FOOT OFF OF THE GAS!! .

Stuck in the snow? - How NOT to pull a car from a snow bank Funny video! What do you think that this guy needs for Christmas?

Living Fireplace - Now with music, so turn up your speakers!

Christmas - Indepth info. from the experts.

Cream of the Crop Sledding Videos - Only the most unique and extreme!

Christmas Crafts For Kids - This should keep the little ones busy and full of joy.

Tree Decorating 101 - All that I can say is meow!

Ugly Christmas Lights - This site is here to show those houses where the residents are likely celebrating a happy holiday, but have no sense of decency in how they choose to celebrate. We will show the garish, the ugly, the weird.

Snow Days - Catch a snowflake and read a message sent by someone else. Or, you can create your own. I got hooked REAL QUICKLY! Click HERE for another similar site.

More Beautiful Christmas Light Display Videos - High Speed Users Only

Free Xmas Fonts - Add a little holiday spice to your words.

Christmas Carols & Songs Final Exam - The following words are alternate titles for several well-known Christmas Carols. If you get 100% correct, you will be assured a full Christmas stocking! If you need a hint, the answers are on a seperate page. Have someone else look to help you along, but DON'T YOU PEEK!

Snow Plowed Video - Poor newswoman gets covered by snow after plow goes by.

E-mail Santa - Write Santa Claus a Christmas letter. Santa will send your reply fast than Rudolph the reindeer can

Santa Tracker On Radar - Starting Nov. 25th, Santa will be tracked on radar. So, get your little ones around the computer screen and BELIEVE!

Where To Cut Your Own Real Christmas Tree Down - A state by state guide.

Snow Crystal Photographs - Cool photos!

Awesome Christmas E-Cards - Check out the previews. I love it!

Take The Christmas Quiz - Based on movies, music and entertainment. We scored 17 out of 20.

Paper Snowflakes - Make your windows look Christmasy! Also check out the Snowflake Maker, where you can make and print your own snowflakes or use pre-made flakes by others to print. COOL!

Christmas Around The World - Visit over 70 different countries and see how they celebrate Christmas!

Christmas Cookie Recipes - All the great ones, plus many more, are here. Also, click HERE for more great cookie recipes with reviews.


Slingshot Santa - How far can you sling Santa? Click you mouse once to get him rollin' and then click it again, but hold it down to cock the sling to throw him. Then, let go of the button and watch him fly! Don't go over the cliff though :(

Snow Day - Snowball fight and a snow plow.

Snow Bowling - A fun online game for the season.

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Christmas Art And Canvas Prints

Christmas Stock Photos

Christmas Stock Photography

Free Christmas Art Prints

Christmas Stock Images

Christmas Worksheets

Holiday Cards - Find Memorable Personalized Cards. Lots Of Styles & Formats To Choose.

Holiday Ornaments - Find a large selection of Christmas ornaments in a variety of themes.

Christmas Lights - Selection of energy star LED Christmas lights.


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